We are awaiting your answer.


It's only the poor who are generous.

Ikebana is part of Japanese culture.

In this line of work, if you make a grim face the customers won't come.

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Elliot is beautiful and intelligent.


One thousand dollars will cover all the expenses for the party.


Tao fell asleep with the window open.

I knew Rodent would do something romantic.

He lives in the town.

She's a very beautiful girl.

We'd better stop.

Some of us will be at your party.

Did you actually see Brandon going into the Lum's office?

I think Laurianne might be drunk.

Lenora has tied Earl's limbs with tape.


Our hotel faces the coast.


I like him. He's a nice guy.


You have work to do.

I have two children, one in is Beijing and the other one is in Nagoya.

We thought we were ready for anything.

May I bother you with a request?

I'm glad to be home.


Do it your own way if you don't like my way.


She doesn't need to work.

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It is an open secret that he deals in weapons.

I fully intend to return.

The iPhone is an extraordinary cell phone.

I told her not to let the rope go, but that's what she did.

This tall and thin young man had a spontaneous pneumothorax.


You cannot rely on politicians.

I'll talk to Isidore about it.

She threw her arms around her husband's neck.


Asians eat a lot of rice.

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What is your favorite language?

I'm not going to turn them in.

There's absolutely no reason not to do that.

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Vic's still taking his medication, isn't he?

Let Jarmo fight his own battles.

Are we friends?


Have you heard about what happened to Boyd?

Johan is a Canadian citizen.

I think you're interesting.


So the duckling left the cottage, and soon found water on which it could swim and dive, but was avoided by all other animals, because of its ugly appearance.

Jean is a cut above the rest.

Eli told Daniele he wanted to move to Boston.


Dictators can't be voted out, they must be thrown out.

Krzysztof tried to keep Dennis from leaving.

Jack didn't make any mistakes on the math test.


I'd recognize Jochen anywhere.

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You know the way, don't you?


So I'll get you something to eat.

Nobody wants to help him.

Chess is the gymnastic school of the intellect.

Tell Vern that I don't want to talk to him.

This miserable old church is the oldest building in our country.

Gordon left for work earlier than usual.

Could you knock a little off the price?

When spring arrives, I'm going to take up a new sport.

They can't say you didn't warn Sarah.


If you know what's good for you, you'll quit doing that.

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When it's this cold, I don't like going outside.

Theodore sat on the porch having a coffee and a cigarette and watched the world go by.

My daughter studies in that school.

The curtains are fireproof.

It's an excellent solution.

The first thing we did was look at the pandas.

We have a bit of time now.

I saw them three hours ago.

Harris is always complaining about his job.

Brian had trouble getting online.

I almost told Christophe what you told me not to tell him.

Now, wait a minute.

Srivatsan is frightened and confused.

The young snatcher wasn't spotted by the police again.

Do your homework right away.

Mr. White soon began to feel guilty.

I think Briggs is sick.

I told you this was going to happen.

Emily went missing.

We should talk about this.

She folded the baby in her arms.

When was the last time you answered the phone?

I will do my best to put such an idea out of your head.

Maybe Eric needs help.

Why would Elwood be upset?

I was with them for an hour.

You should always ask for permission first.


She makes sure that her family eats a balanced diet.

I've never told anyone about this.

How much money did Kathy take out of the bank?

Murph could've talked to me.

She put away her clothes.

Joachim doesn't know any of us.

You cannot do all these things at once.

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They caught the robbers red-handed.

Tyler is now somewhere in Australia.

You need to come outside.


I get the feeling that no one here is telling us the truth.


You're worse than her.

One can have an instant access to the desired information on the Internet.

For the time being, there seems to be almost no hope of a solution.


What is the active ingredient in Tylenol?

Do you still love him?

The Sun smiled through the window every morning.

Wine is made from grape juice.

What do you think Merat was listening to while jogging this morning?

She wants to dye her hair red.

I had quite a busy day today.


Don't get me wrong.


she's gonna be okay

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I should be resting.

The leaves fell to the ground.

I owe it you that I am still alive.

Did you and Jeffery go on lots of trips together?

Naim told me you're going to help him.


Politics is hypocrisy.

Subra is capable of doing that.

What's the subject of that play?


Raymond felt something crawling up his leg.


You cannot respect such a great man too much.

Who's taking you home?

He had a hard time making himself understood at the meeting.

Bill and Joan divided the candy between them.

We would like to stay here one more day. What do you think?

I don't know anything about guns.

You have to at least try.


Where in Japan did you grow up?


Did something happen last night?

Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.

Honzo would like to talk with you about tomorrow's schedule.


Bobby stormed out of the office.

I will be taking the exam about this time tomorrow.

What can I bring?

Will the fine weather keep up till tomorrow?

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Let me speak to them first.

She took full advantage of the opportunity.

She expresses herself in a rather stilted manner.


I slept in, so I was late to school.

We hope we're wrong.

They were beasts in human skins and not true man at all.


I was conscious that something was missing.

Cristi takes a bath almost every evening.

Do you know anyone who could give me a hand with my car?

Please keep this secret.

The ancient and the modern, the past and the future are all one.

I can do better than this.

He has character as well as knowledge.

Would you mind if we asked you a few questions?

I know her slightly.

Father will be at home tomorrow.

I was pretty gullible.

Everyone is doing as much as they can.

Please call in a doctor.

What if something gets broken?

How was the concert?

Hopefully you'll comply with traffic regulations after this.

Who's the fellow that just said hello to you?

I'm a Windows person.

Pontus looked like a volcano about to erupt.